20 body positive instagram accounts you need to follow

20 body positive instagram accounts you need to follow

1. @StephanieYeboah  

Stephanie is one of our favourite humans ever. Serving up realness on a brightly coloured platter, she has the ultimate body positivity account! Telling things like it is and looking absolutely FIRE while she does it. 🔥 If you don’t already follow her, head to her page now and click that button!






2. @Jess_Megan_


It is very hard not to love Jess. She is an absolute QUEEN. 👑 From hilariously calling out sexist comments and messages she gets to talking about her favourite sex toys, her account will soon become one of your faves.





3. @JenniferdCohen

Jennifer absolutely slays the ig world and is one of our favourite big boob positivity accounts! Openly talking about her struggles with an eating disorder, she’s also a huge inspiration for so many people. Brilliant for big boob fashion inspo, she rocks a 30GG in everything from swimwear to dresses to lingerie and shares a lot of brilliant brands on her page! We ❤️ her






4. @FullerBustInspo


Chloe is absolutely KILLING IT. This fuller bust fashionista has all the tips you could ever need to look fab with big boobs. She shows you how to rock clothes you've always wanted to wear but couldn't get the right fit or size and she's always sharing fellow big boob insta accounts so you're never out of inspiration! 🌸






5. @TheSlumFlower


Chidera Eggerue is often regarded as the queen of body positivity. Starting the movement #SAGGYBOOBSMATTER, she is often questioning what society sees as beautiful and why. She even created a one-off documentary on Channel 4 called Bring Back The Bush which looks to understand how women’s body hair is perceived by society and by women themselves. It’s AMAZING. Just trust us and go follow her. She is a badass who also happens to be a beautiful human being.






6. @MollieCampsie


Mollie’s account is SO entertaining. Not only is she gorgeous so it’s easy to scroll through her insta endlessly, but she is really outspoken about body confidence and embracing what society labels as ‘flaws’. Jiggling bellies, cellulite, you name it, she celebrates it. If you want to feel more body positive, she is definitely one to check out!






7. @CurvyNyome


Nyome went viral after her photos were (and are) continuously removed for ‘violating Instagram’s nudity policies’, while thin, light skinned models continue to post similar or even more revealing photos with no consequences. Nyome is an incredible person who created waves with her campaign, although Instagram has a lot of work to do as this continues to happen to black women across social media. All bodies deserve respect and to be seen!






8. @HannahJoJanes


Openly talking about how she got through constantly obsessing over her weight and mental health, Hannah dishes out major YOLO vibes and promotes living life to the fullest and accepting yourself exactly the way you are! And we’re here for it.






9. @Annie.Dago  


Dishing out inspirational captions left and right, we live for Annie’s content. ✨ Also a blogger, you can check out her posts for anything from street fashion to her natural hair journey to what it was like growing up in Italy as a Black woman. This girl is amazing and you won’t want to stop reading!






10. @MikZazon


Mik is a #badassbitch. She openly talks about eating disorders and body issues and even started a movement #normalizenormalbodies which aims to promote people in their natural states, un-photoshopped and not contorting their body for a photo. Mik posts real photos of her skin, comparing them to photoshopped images in the media, but her content mostly consists of her living life to the full and giving zero f**ks.






11. @Luyah 


Holly Luyah is a curvy goddess. You can’t help but love her sun kissed pics, giving you massive inspo vibes for travelling and looking like a queen while you do it. Her 3.4 million follower account comes with no surprise – we can’t get enough! 💕






12. @NadiaSawalha


This account will have you CRACKING UP! From hilarious parodies of her showing off her undergarments with a Kim K voiceover to her dancing in slow motion, she is honestly brilliant and has some of the most entertaining content out there.






13. @SonnyTurner__


It’s not surprising this influencer was nominated for the Love Your Body influencer award; Sonny Turner is literally our fashion icon. We all know how difficult dressing for big boobs can be, but she makes it look so easy! Being a curve model, she is representing in the fashion industry and we just love it!






14. @SofiaElhaj


Cute is Sofia’s middle name. We honestly can’t get enough of her content, from manicures to fashion shoots to calling out her gorgeous stretch marks, we love love love this account so much and can scroll through her fashion pictures all day!






15. @Iskra


If you’ve not come across Iskra Lawrence before, you have been missing out. This girl is gorgeous inside and out and just had the cutest baby in the world who is featured in a lot of her content these days. She is a body positivity queen and her posts are so full of love and kindness you’ll just wish she was your best friend.






16. @Lessance


Lessance absolutely slays. This plus sized model looks fire in everything she posts and is definitely a fashion inspiration for full bust and curvy women out there! Representing and looking stunning while she does it, we love her.





17. @Thebirdspapaya 


Sarah Nicole Landry, better know as the birds papaya, is an account to know. She serves up the cutest photos ever with a side of realness about her past body traumas and issues. A true body positivity queen and definitely one of our fashion icons.





18. @Bri.Drake  


This girl is absolutely stunning and we are a huge fan. She makes dressing for big boobs look completely effortless and trendy as hell and we literally love all of her photos. Her witty captions will always bring a smile and her skin glows like the goddess that she is - we love you Bri!






19. @DeniseMMercedes


Denise Mercedes will be giving you beach vibes all year round with her gorgeous earth toned photoshoots on the Spanish seaside. A top fashion icon for plus sized women out there, we definitely look to her for fashion inspo! Her #stylenotsize campaign where her and best friend @mariacastellanos_ri would twin in the same outfits and both look too good for words brought in millions of views, and we're not surprised! We can watch them on repeat all day.






20. @CelesteBarber


With over 7 million followers, it’s actually surprising she’s not more famous. As our favourite and most entertaining body positive account, she has revolutionised and popularised laughing at yourself and not taking your ‘imperfections’ seriously. With endless video and photo content on her page, you can entertain yourself for hours by going through her renditions of famous celebrity pictures and videos in true Celeste Barber fashion.



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